What’s new with the Nikon D610?


I’ve been looking to buy a full frame and was looking into the D600, but I’ve seen a lot of reviews regarding dust/oil problems... Does the D610 address those problems.. Is it worth buying,, or should I just stick with the 600?

— Joelyn

The new Nikon D610 is the small update that fixes a potentially big problem.

It’s only been a year since Nikon released the D600 and already there’s an upgrade. You’ve probably heard why. 

The Nikon D600 is an impressive camera that fares well in many performance reviews, with one exception. Soon after it hit the streets, users started complaining about dust and oil collecting on the sensor.

Nikon never officially confirmed or denied the issue, but they did issue a service advisory. “...as with all of our products, if any users find they cannot get their sensor clean using the methods outlined in the user manual, they should return it to a Nikon service center.”

A year later, the new D610 has only three improvements from its predecessor: faster continuous shooting, upgraded from 5.5 frames a second to 6 frames per second; a quiet continuous mode; and an improved auto white balance system.

The first two upgrades are the result of a new shutter mechanism, which coincidently fixes the sensor oil issue.

Enough of my conspiracy theories.

Nikon no longer ships the D600, so if you want one, you’ll have to get one left over at your favorite camera store. Knowing that the 610 fixes a non-acknowledged problem, I’d opt for the D610.