Using color: How one red apple saved the barrel from monotony


If one rotten apple spoils the barrel, what does one red apple do? It creates a pretty cool composition.

I went to Burke Nursery last weekend to shoot pictures at their Fall Festival and Pumpkin Playground. I had my heart set on capturing hayrides and farm animals but never got past the main door. It really wasn’t fair of them to front load the produce market with all those colors and fragrances. 

The orange pumpkins got all the initial attention before a barrel of golden apples caught my eye. This is an easy depth-of-field shot. One sharply focused apple dominating the foreground while the others behind fall into softer focus. But the monochrome look was mildly interesting to me.

What about a splash of color?


One of these things doesn't belong here


Breaking a repeating pattern can have a dramatic effect. When I add a red apple to the bunch, it leaps out visually. Red is a color that always demands attention. It’s hard to include a dominant red in any photo without it fighting to be the center of attention.

In this barrel, the red apple gets its wish. We all notice you now, Red Apple. 

Now I have to put you back. Sorry.

Focal Point: The Burke Nursery and Garden Centre presents their 16th annual Fall and Pumpkin Playground from Oct. 1 - Oct. 31 at 9401 Burke Rd. The kids will love the pumpkin patch and hayrides. Lots of great locations to shoot the little ones as they scamper about.