Fort Washington Park charm revealed in old abstracts

I went looking for textures but found abstracts instead.


Fort Washington Park, a 200-year old fort overlooking the Potomac River, strikes me as a giant playground for photographers. From vistas of the river to old historic buildings, from abstracts to wild animals, there is almost too much from which to choose. 


Selecting a theme can be helpful technique when trying to narrow your focus. Because of the age of the fort, there was a lot of peeling paint, old exposed brick, and other signs of aging. I thought those might be good subjects for a 'texture' theme.


I got a couple decent shots of the peeling paint, but my photo ADD wouldn't let me rest. In the end, I found my subjects in a dark, abandoned room on the other side of the campus. Among items strewn across tables, a barrel and rusty bucket caught my eye. The room had very low light, but the shadows helped to create a mood that fit the scene. Here's my take.


Fort Washington Park could be a great location to shoot portraits as well. Look for that when it warms up a bit.