Free Photo Webinars - Focus on Wedding Photography

This month our Free Photo Webinars focuses on wedding photography with Susie Hadeed.

Susie Hadeed grew up in Central America and Missisippi. She's traveled all over the world doing photography and mission work, but just relocated to the Washington, D.C. area in the fall of 2010.

Before moving she was an office manager in her father’s HVAC business, where she played an integral role in growing the company. Besides working full time, she somehow managed to find the time to grow her photography business and also help mentor others along their photography journey. She's passionate about photography and loves teaching others to create beauty with their cameras.

She’s currently producing inspired wedding and portrait photography in the Washington D.C. area, and also writes articles and photography tips for her blog and other sites geared towards teaching photographers.


Friendly Photo Critiques

Submit a photo for us to review during the webinar. Our host and guest will provide feedback on what works and what might be improved. Email your photo to us here. 


Open Q&A

Save your photography questions for our Q&A session. Tell us what's on your mind or ask those nagging questions.

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