Use your photography to show your love on Valentine’s Day

My Valentine's Day conceptA couple Valentine’s Days ago, I got a call from my friend Steve. He was excited that he found a way to create a Valentine’s Day gift for his wife using his camera.

Steve got a bag of candy, sprinkled it across the table and photographed it. He then used the photo to create a card for her. I had to admit that sounded like a very cool photo idea. It was so cool, I stole it.

Last year, during my Project 365, I wanted an idea for Valentine’s Day. Inspired by Steve, I created a similar theme. I went to Target and found a heart-shaped bowl and chocolate kisses. I tried to create the cornucopia feel by having the candy tumble out of the bowl. Abundance is a great theme to combine with love.

As photographers, we have a unique gift that we can use in so many ways. Steve taught me that you can use it to show love to those you care about. Very often they are patient while we are focused on our passion. Using that same talent to say thank you and I love you is a wonderful way to repay them.

Note: Steve takes tons of great pictures, which he showcases on his photography blog. Visit him here.