Nikon’s new policy could make it difficult to repair your camera

A new Nikon policy could make it more difficult to repair a Nikon DSLR. According to blog posts on TogTech and, Nikon notified independent camera repair technicians that the manufacturer will no longer sell them Nikon parts to complete their repairs. That means you will have to send your Nikon camera to an authorized Nikon facility if it breaks.

Nikon’s site lists 22 Factory Service Facilities. The site doesn’t show any in the Washington, DC, area, but I just confirmed with Strauss Photo Technical that they are an authorized repair facility and will still continue servicing Nikon cameras.

Nikon says the change is necessary because "the technology underlying today's cameras is more complex than it has ever been, and in view of the specialization of technology as well as the specialized tools that are now necessary to perform repairs on this complex equipment..." 

Repair facilities that will get the squeeze say it’s about money. Nikon wants to unfairly cut out smaller shops from the market. They also say that you can expect the quality of service to decrease with fewer options.

As you might expect, protesters have organized an online petition, which you can sign here if you want to influence this decision.

Even if you don’t shoot with a Nikon, you might take notice. If this goes over well for Nikon, I’d expect that other manufacturers will be lured to follow.

Nikon shooters, what do you think?