About PhotoCoach Radio

This is the episode before the episode.

Consider it the equivalent of the About Me page of a website. In this pre-show episode, I talk about PhotoCoach Radio and what I'd like to accomplish with you.

The main focus of the show will be coaching conversations where I work with emerging, enthusiast and entrepreneurial photographers. We'll get to know each other and work through your specific photography issues.

I plan a few other segments for the show:

Camera Bag - A mixture of advice and reviews of camera gear. Here we'll look at the tools of the trade that help us get better results.

Reading Room - What are we reading to help us learn and improve? I do a lot of reading - a lot of it by audio book. I also consume magazines, blogs and other podcasts. In this segment, I'll share some of the best reads I've found. Feel free to share some of your finds with me as well.

Expert interviews - Even though the show focuses on coaching, I plan periodic expert interviews on topics that can help us all become better photographers.

We won't have all these segments in each episode, but I will plan a mixture to fill roughly 30 minutes.

Expect a new episode every two weeks as we get started. Then I'll see how we all feel about that pace.

If you have questions or suggestions, please send them to me at radio@photocoachpro.com. I'm looking forward to this new journey with you.

About PhotoCoach Radio