Get individual photo coaching on my new podcast

If you are interested in individual photo coaching and don’t mind sharing your experience with “the world,” then my new podcast might be the place for you.

This month, I will be launching a new podcast called PhotoCoach Radio. In show episodes, I will work with photographers in coaching sessions that we record and broadcast.

What does this mean?

During my photo tours and mentoring club sessions, I answer lots of photography related questions. We discuss everything from gear to photo technique, and I also provide feedback on photos. I’m hearing that this is one of the features attendees find most helpful, so I’d like to use that same approach to help even more people.

Before I launch the podcast, I’d like to begin recording my coaching sessions. 

Here’s how it works

  • You submit your questions and/or pictures using this form.
  • I will select the questions that have the broadest appeal.
  • We record our conversation discussing your questions or images.
  • I post the discussion on my podcast, which we distribute on iTunes and to photo enthusiast communities.

That’s it. We discuss and resolve your photography challenges and maybe help other people in the process.

If you are interested in a coaching session to help you with the photography issues that frustrate you, sign up below. Hope to talk with you soon.

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