You have to see this HDR Time Lapse of DC

Drew Geraci showcases Washington, DC beautifully in his time lapse video District 1.5. Time lapse uses a series of photos at regular intervals. When you string them together, they almost look like a video. Add to that, Geraci uses a high dynamic range technique, which fuses multiple images of different exposures into a single photo. This helps you create a picture with a wider range of dark to light than you can typically capture with a camera.

If all this sounds like a lot of work, check out his description of the other challenges he encountered:

After planning my shots and figuring out what time would be best to shoot, I went out and started this HDR Time-lapse production.

During the course of the shoot I was stopped 9 times by NPS (national parks service) and three times by DC Metro police. Apparently there was a target on me... It does look suspicious though when a guy is toting around a giant blue time-lapse slider, 3 tripods and a battery. Because of the numerous roadblocks I wasn’t able to use my Dynamic Perception time-lapse slider as much as I had intended, but the shots that I did get were pretty impactful (In my opinion).

— Drew Geraci

Anything for the shot, right? DC locals will know he shot this a couple years ago because many of the locations he features are covered with scaffolding and netting. 

Enjoy a beautiful photo tour of Washington, DC.

View the video here.


Project 365 idea: Shoot a series of images of your neighborhood from sunrise to sunset. Tell the story of one day.