Composition Challenge Bonus: Show what Independence Day means to you

July 4 Naturalization ceremony. Flickr photo by BrittneyBushI am an American - by choice.

That's what usually goes through my mind on Independence Day. One morning in my early teens, my family and I entered a nondescript government building in New Orleans as foreign citizens and came out Americans. 

Inside we took an oath and recited the pledge of allegiance. We adopted the symbol that unites all Americans, Old Glory. 

I received emails from many of you over the past week asking what I was going to shoot on July 4th. When I think of this holiday visually, I think of symbols like the flag or its colors red, white, and blue. That says Independence Day to me. 

For many of you, the symbols include fireworks or cookouts. Or maybe you favor more patriotic images, like I do.


The Challenge

I'm proposing a thematic challenge this week. What does Independence Day mean to you? Either share pictures or words. 


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What so proudly we hail

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