Finding and maintaining your motivation: three viewpoints

Does it ever seem like some people never run out of things to photograph while others just struggle to get out the door? How do you find and maintain your motivation to shoot pictures when your livelihood doesn't depend on it?

On our next webinar, I'll ask three of the top producing photographers in our ranks. These shooters never seem to run out of subjects or inspiration. 

Alex Wong devours food with his camera but on his blog, Wong Eats, photography, cuisine and culture are all on the menu. I love his mix of tempting photos and compelling stories.


Ali Drew showcases people from the inside out, which isn't easy to do in portraits. Her gift is to not only capture a great smile but to create a photo that portrays your true essence. Her generosity extends to her blog where she shares her secret sauce freely.


Emily Mitchell has convinced me that great photography is for the birds. Visit Bella Remy Photography, and she'll transport you into her world of nature and travel. You'll see horses and landscapes, but it's the birds that often stop you. Her images get you up close and personal with nature in a way you don't often experience.

What do these three have in common? Although they focus on different genres, these members of our photography community produce creatively and consistently. Let's learn their secrets for finding inspiration and staying motivated. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 7 pm

What do you do to stay motivated? Share your strategies in the comments.