Free Photo Feedback 4-25-14

This week, I provide feedback on four images. Thanks to images from:

  • John Weeter
  • Stephanie Puszka
  • Steve Klein
  • Carlton Hart

My feedback covers five principles, in addition to other suggestions.

Exposure -- Is the photograph exposed correctly? Is the subject well lit? Is there the proper amount of light to create the mood or tell the story? Are there any blown highlights or overexposed areas that are distracting? Are the darker or shadow areas so muddy that you lose detail?

Composition -- Is there a clear and compelling subject? Does everything else in the frame work to complement or lead the eye to the subject? Does the action lead my eye on a clear path around the photo? Are there any distracting elements in the photo?

Focus -- Is the subject or main part of the image sharply in focus? Is enough of the subject in focus? Is too much in focus? Is the image free of camera shake?

Impact -- Does it pass the ‘so what’ test? Is it clear what compelled you to take this photo, to save it, to share it? Is there a story?

Emotion -- What do I feel when I look at your photo? What are the subjects of your photo feeling? Can I sympathize? Empathize? What’s my reaction?

In the end, remember that while we can agree on technical hurdles that all great photos must clear, a good bit of your evaluation will be subjective. 

Remember to post your image next friday.