Free Photo Webinar - Photography in crisis situations

Amateur photographer Ben Thorndike was taking pictures of the Boston Marathon from his office above Boyle Street when the explosion rocked the event. With his camera in sports mode, Ben fired off 25 frames in rapid fire, capturing not just the aftermath of the tragic bombing but also the suspects. His photos were used not only to tell the story of the day but assist the police in identifying and tracking down the bombers.

What would you have done? The Boston Marathon bombing has given us a new opportunity to see how amateur and professional photographers can perform many roles during a crisis. Ben is just one of several stories of how photographers have assisted law enforcement, served as citizen journalists, and documented events for their own uses.

On our May 2013 Free Photo Webinar, we will discuss the role photography has played from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina, Boston bombings to Hurricane Sandy. What can we learn from the coverage of past events, and what should we know if we end up in the midst of a crisis?

Join us on May 14, 2013, 7 pm est for a discussion on photography in crisis situations.