Free Photo Webinars focuses on DSLR camera gear this month.

The Canon EOS 6D Digital Camera is a full-frame 20.2 megapixel DSLR.Many of the major camera manufacturers have been releasing their new DSLR lines over the past months. I think we have had enough of a turnover in the big three -- Canon, Nikon & Sony -- that we can spend some time talking about the differences and provide helpful advice for anyone who might be in the market to upgrade.

We will look at:

  • The new line of DSLR bodies -- what are the differences and which might be right for you?
  • Lenses, lenses and lenses -- an overview of different types of lenses, a look at the new entries to the market, and some ideas of what should be your next lens.
  • Accessories -- What other gadgets ought you have in your camera bag?
  • Used vs. new -- When is used a good option? What should I consider before buying a used camera? Where do I find the best deals?

These are the questions you've been asking me, and I'll be answering them all. If you have other specific questions, share them when you register.

Note: We will focus just on the DSLR market with this broadcast. I'll deal with other formats at a different time.