Free Photo Webinars - Lifestyle photojournalism with Ron Pollard

Ron Pollard was just five years old when his older brother returned from Vietnam with “frozen memories” of his military service during the war.

Ronald Pollard“I was fascinated with the ability to make memories visually viewable. And from that moment on I was passionate about photography,” he says.

Fast forward through a lifetime that includes service in ministry and as a university chaplain, and you will find Ron now creates frozen memories for clients as a lifestyle photojournalist.

Ron’s photography calling now leads him to capture couples, concerts, and celebrities in Los Angeles and around the country. His work has even taken him on several trips to photograph the beauty of African safaris.

“I am inspired by the grandeur of moments that will forever live in stills. That grandeur could be a sunset, an animal crossing the mara, a love scene between a couple, the joy of a wedding day...”

Join us to learn more about using a photojournalism approach to capture life’s everyday moments with Ron Pollard.

See Ron’s work here. 

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