It's our five year anniversary and guess what we got?

Five years ago, I started this journey hoping to find a few friends like you. It was an idle thought one weekend. Where can I meet other people who are into photography like I am? 

Who knew where this path would lead -- Shutterbug Excursions, PhotoTour DC and a host of other online communities.

Emily and Ali were having an exchange in our Google + community a couple weeks ago. Emily is leading a World Wide Photo Walk in Annapolis again this year. We're all discussing it, and it turns out Emily and Ali hadn't met. I was surprised because they seemed like old friends to me. In that Google + community, we've been sharing more than pictures. As we shoot and post daily, we start sharing parts of our lives. We become friends. With Rebecca in Vancouver and Bain in Australia. With Leah in Bowie. We see each other through our lenses and bond.

We also developed a mutual respect for our work...and the journey that got us there. That's why I've asked Ali, Emily, and another friend, Alex, to share some of that journey with us. I am fascinated to learn what got them onto this path and keeps them inspired to produce. They shoot an awful lot of great pictures. They've all agreed to be our guests during our Free Photo Webinar on Tuesday at 7 pm. These are the kinds of experiences I'd hoped we'd get from creating more friends with kindred spirits.

Many of you have started adding your photos to the FocalPoint DC group on Flickr. This is another byproduct of having a large community of photographer friends. I'd imagine you or I would be bored one weekend and looking for someplace new to shoot. In the guide we are completing, we will answer the question 'What's a great place to shoot this weekend and why?'

In the complementary Flickr group, we can show and tell about our own experiences at our favorite locations. Linda this week told me that she wanted to find more friends who were into nature photography. I'm hoping it will be easy for her to find great locations and who is creating the kind of photos that interest her.

Five years ago, I had no idea what we'd become, but it's better than I could have imagined. Thousands of friends connected by the love of photography. Thanks for the journey so far. I can't wait to see what waits ahead.


Lynford Morton