My crappy photo ruined this story

There were at least seven minutes before my train arrived at the Smithsonian Station. Like most people on the platform late that afternoon, I scrolled through the day's images, checking them on the back of my camera.

The cool thing about reviewing images right after a shoot is you also relive the memories. Then there was this odd moment. I stopped at a photo of a guy in black shorts a red t-shirt. He was standing on a bench trying to get a close-up of a blossom that was out of his reach. I snapped a couple images but couldn't get the angle I wanted. Oh well.

But on that bench, in the train station, when I looked to my right, there was a guy sitting next to me in a red t-shirt and black shorts. I studied him for a moment, then back to my image. Really?

"Excuse me, but do you recognize this guy?" I asked.

His mouth dropped open. 

"When did you get that? How did you… Why did you want to photograph me?"

"I was taking photos of the photographers, and I thought you were in an interesting location."

We shared a smile. What are the odds that I'd be reviewing an image of someone who happened to be sitting next to me hours later.

I loved the story…except the picture was crappy.

Don't you hate when a crappy picture ruins a good story? That photo is one of my Cherry Blossom busts I'll share with you Tuesday night. 

Join me at 7 pm, April 16, to see the crappy picture that ruined my story and some cool images that I enjoyed shooting. 

What about you? Do you have any bests or busts from Cherry Blossom week? Share them with us, and let's have fun reliving the Cherry Blossom Festival.

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