Photo Challenge 2013 - Begin with your Beginnings

This is how I begin my day -- a cup of coffee and a scan of my email and social networks. From what I hear, many of you might also have some variation of that ritual. If you don't, no big deal. I just used that as a literal example for our first theme - Beginnings.

Listen to your first photo challenge.The start of a new year and a new project lends itself to this theme. You can interpret it in any way your creativity leads you. Just take a photo that expresses that theme to you.

When you have your photo, share it in our Photo Projects 2013 Google + Community or link to it in the comments below. 


About the Photo Projects 2013 Community

Our photo projects community is designed to help us improve our photography this year in four ways:

  • Inspiration - as we see what our friends and peers create in their own projects.
  • Motivation - to stick to our photo projects and work them regularly.
  • Accountability - from the peer pressure of announcing your intentions and creating a network of accountabilty partners.
  • Support - from the resources and knowledge from your group members.

In addition to our photo challenges, share your Project 365 or Project 52 photos (one a day or one a week), 100 Strangers, or personal photo project.

Here's a blog post I wrote to help you come up with ideas for your personal photo project.

Our first challege begins with two assignments. Join the Photo Projects 2013 community and post your first photo.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you create.

Listen to your photo challenge