Photo challenge - Make something ordinary look interesting

Just another bench...

Recently I created a photo tutorial called Just a Bench, where I showed you how to make any subject look interesting. Now it's your turn.

But first... Just another bench.

I was strolling out of a store one afternoon when I saw this bench. It was just a regular bench. After using some of the same steps from the tutorial, I created this close up that featured a repeating pattern.

Take the Challenge 

Now it's your turn. Here's today's photo challenge. Find something ordinary and try to make it look interesting. Pick something you might have walked by without noticing, and find an interesting way to photograph it. Feel free to share before and after pictures. We might enjoy knowing what inspired you.


Share your images with us

When you have your photo, share it in our Photo Projects 2013 Google + Community or link to it in the comments below. 

Before -- Here is the bench I photographed. This is how I started the process.