Photo Challenge - Try 360 degrees around your subject and find a creative angle

After photographing 360 degrees around the FDR Memorial, I settled on this overvhead view.

Mathematicians tell us a full rotation around any subject is considered 360 degrees. You can use that approach with almost anything. Some companies use 360 degrees to evaluate employees by their peers, customers, and bosses.

In photography, your view of a subject also is not complete until you have seen it from the full 360 degrees.

In this photo challenge, we will take the same approach. Many times, we shoot in such a rush that we don't take the time to see all the possibilities. We take the first two or three photos and move on to the next subject.

I find that if I force myself to try different angles beyond the obvious, I end up with unexpected and more creative alternatives.

360 degrees around the bread line, and I settled at the back of the line.

A lower angle.

Photo Challenge

Take photos from 360 degrees of any subject. At a minimum, you are trying to capture each of the four corners, a high angle and a low angle. Ideally, you are experimenting with more intervals and perspectives all the way around.


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See the 360 degree views below.