PhotoCoach Radio 005 - The danger in shooting manual mode

Click to listen to episode 005.My podcast, PhotoCoach Radio, is back with a few new topics:

The danger of shooting in manual mode

Often new photographers will jump straight from shooting in auto mode to manual, and there is a danger in that. Shooting in manual mode is all about control -- using that control for more creative pictures. If you make the jump without learning how to use that control creatively, you end up with the same photos you were shooting in automatic mode. This can be very frustrating. In the first segment, I discuss how this happens and how you can avoid the trap of shooting auto in manual mode.

The magic of six-pack abs

Popular business and marketing blogger Chris Brogan got me thinking about six-pack abs this weekend. His latest email talked about an experience he had working with a men's health and fitness magazine. It seems the magic to selling more magazine was to promise six-pack abs. Readers would buy magazines off the shelves looking for the magic of six-pack abs... except there is really no magic to it. What does this mean for photography? The way you get six-pack abs is amazingly similar to the way you get great pictures.

Critical Exposure celebrates their 8th annual student exhibit

This evening I am attending Critical Exposure's exhibit of student pictures and writing. This is exciting for me, because it is always so inspiring to see how these teens not only use cameras to create great work but to literally change the world around them. If you are in DC, you should try and come down. If you can't make it, just support them with a $35 donation. I'll be sharing more about the great stuff they are accomplishing, but they are well worth the investment.

Pass the gumbo, and save the date, we are going back to New Orleans

I am leading a photo workshop to New Orleans on Nov. 1-3, 2013. Our New Orleans excursions are a phenomenal adventure. We experience a wide variety of photo opportunities -- French Quarters people and architecture; St. Charles street cars and mansions; cemetery abstacts; and aligator swamplands. This is an incredible photography vacation opportunity. Join us there.


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