#PinkPhotoChallenge for cancer awareness

Coffee shops are just one of many locations that are going pink. Use this month's challenge to showcase pink and join the fight against cancer.

From my coffee shop to the uniforms on my favorite NFL team, it seems everything is adorned in pink these days. 

Pink has become the ubiquitous color for cancer awareness in October, and I’m thinking a perfect opportunity for a challenge -- both photography and awareness.

During the rest of October, our photo challenge is pink. Whenever you are out with your camera, keep an eye open for the color pink. It shouldn’t be too hard to spot. When you find something pink, try to create your own art or photo story. 

Post your images with the hashtag #pinkphotochallenge. As part of your caption, include something like “I’m participating in the pink photo challenge this month to help raise awareness and make a difference in the fight against cancer. Learn more about how you can get involved and make a donation at www.cancer.org.”

That wording is just a suggestion, of course. Feel free to personalize the message and make it your own. Encourage support in any way that feels comfortable for you. I’m going to do my own with these t-shirts.

The American Cancer Society tells us that one million people in the United States get cancer every year. Maybe our photos can help in their fight to raise awareness and work for a cure.

Share your photos

Once you have a great photo, post it in the comments or in our Google + Photo Projects 2013 community, or liink them in the comments.

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