Recording: Composition Challenge feedback and discussion

We used our May 2012 Free Photo Webinar to hold a feedback and discussion session on our Composition Challenge.

Almost four weeks ago, many of us took a challenge to work on composition principles together. 

The 21-Week Composition Challenge is a fun approach to improving one of the fundamentals of photography, composition. Each week, I provide a free tutorial on a composition technique and a challenge for you to practice. We have had very enthusiastic participation, which is really fun to see. 

During the webinar, I review lessons from the first three weeks and provide feedback on some of your submissions.

You can join the Composition Challenge at any time. Simply enter your email below and start receiving updates. Feel free to work on past challenges or join us where we are now.

Thanks for the enthusiastic participation so far. I'm looking forward to making great progress with our composition techniques.

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