Webinar Recording: Creating black and white photography

How do you create great images in black and white? That’s the topic we tackled during our December 2013 Free Photo Webinar. In this presentation and discussion, you will learn:

  • Why shoot in black and white?
  • What principles should you follow for all your black and white photos?
  • What elements really make a black and white photo stand out?
  • We compare several photos in color & black and white and talk about the differences.
  • What should you know to convert your photos from color to black and white successfully?

Plus...we had a pretty good discussion about resources, gear, and shooting.


More resources

Credits - See the Flickr Creative Commons photos used in Black & White webinar gallery and Black and White webinar gallery 2.

In our Q&A section, someone asked about learning resources for strobe photography. I suggested:

...and I’m adding

Joe McNally's The Language of Light DVD

I also mentioned the ExpoDisc as a great tool for accurate white balance.