Recording - HDR photography with Angela Pan

In our April 2012 webinar, we learned about HDR photography through the work of Angela Pan. We had a great evening as Angela shared some of her favorites and some of the tips she’s used to help create her images.

You can find Angela at She also shared that she has authored a book, HDR Workflow: The Essential Guide for Beginners. Check it out here.

Ready to try it for yourself? Here are six HDR tips to remember:

  • Choose the right subject. Look for a greater range of highlights to shadows. Make sure everything is relatively stable in the image, since you’ll need to merge the photos. Good choices include landscapes and architecture. 
  • Use a tripod. To get all three images closely aligned, you will need to keep the camera in the same place. A tripod will help you do that.
  • Use your camera’s auto bracketing feature -- That is where your camera takes three shots in rapid succession that vary in exposure compensation.
  • Adjust the shutter speed, not the aperture.  If you take three pics at three different aperture settings, the depth of field changes each time. You will get three very different photos, which will make them hard to blend.
  • Shoot in Raw format. Raw images capture more information in the range of colors. You might even be able to create the three files based on one raw file.
  • Choose the right software. The three leading software apps have very different approaches. Here is a review that could help you understand the differences. The right software depends on your subject, the time you have to invest, and a host of other factors.