Recording - Taking great travel photos

You don't have to go to exotic National Geographic locations to create great travel photos. Wherever your travels take you this summer, or even if you stay close to home, you can create the kind of images that might be worthy of your favorite travel magazine.

Our June Free Photo Webinar focused on travel photography. We looked at an album of some of your favorites, discussed vacation photography tips, and saw some other great travel photos. See the recording below.

 (Note: The recording has a slight glitch that created a slight audio delay between me and the photographers who are discussing their photos. My apologies.)

Links & Resources

I wrote a blog post last week on preparing for travel photography. Read this for insights on what you should do before you leave for your next trip.

The Photographer's Ephemeris is a great tool to see exactly where the sun will be at any time of any day.

Flickr is a good starting point to see what other enthusiasts captured at your destination, but you might have to wade through a lot of duds.

If you have an iPad, check out Trey Ratcliffe's Stuck on Earth.


Publishing your memories: Coffee table style photo books are easy to make and great keepsakes for any photographer. Try these for great results:


Blogging your memories: It's so easy to create a blog these days, and what better way to allow the widest range of people to share your trip.

  • TravelPod - The web's original travel blog. Great resources to share your photo and thoughts. It also plots your trip with pin drops on a map. Export the blog as a photo book at the end of your trip.
  • Wordpress - Blogging's defacto platform. Purchase a special theme for your trip.
  • Zenfolio - Great site for storing and showcasing images. With it's new blog feature, you can share your picture and 1.000 words.
  • SmugMug Pro - Another great platform for showcasing images.
  • Tumblr - It is super easy to set up and update a Tumblr blog. These sites are great at showcasing photos and multimedia.
  • Flickr - With a free terabyte of storage and the new tiled displays, the new Flickr is re-emerging as a great place to store and share your photos.



New Orleans photos by Chris Harnish under Creative Commons.

Flickr New Orleans Travel Photo Gallery