Free Photo Webinar: Silencing your inner critic

I’ve taken maybe three pictures in my entire life that I really liked, and this wasn’t one of them.

“Does the world really need another picture of a flower?” I heard a voice ask me sarcastically. “Why not a puppy next?”

“You’ve taken better orchid photos than that you know,” the voice continued. “Why post that one? It’s not even your best.”

“Look, bokeh in the background. That’s so 2006!” The voice was openly mocking me now. He was saying things I knew were just mean, yet I listened.

The truth is... I recognized his voice. He pretended to be a friend, but his task was anything but friendly. His only job was to usher in doubt, cynicism, and fear.

He was my inner critic.


Do you ever hear your inner critic?

For the photographer, the artist, or the creative, sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. We create our art and then we sit. We don’t post it online, enter it into contests or present it to potential clients.

The voice convinces us we aren’t ready. The photo isn’t ready. That we would be rejected and humiliated. In search of perfection, we become paralyzed.

There’s a place for the critic that challenges us to do our best work, but you know this voice isn’t it.


Join our next Free Photo Webinar

Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014, 7 pm, e.s.t.

If you have ever felt yourself struggling with the inner voice that limits you or that convinces you that you can’t... this webinar conversation is for you.

We will discuss the different kinds of inner voices that keep us from achieving our potential and some strategies to help silence the critic and move beyond its grip.

Join the webinar next Tuesday to learn more

By the way, I finally silenced the critic and posted my flower. The next morning, I woke to find that it was featured as a Flickr Explorer. Who knew?

Not the inner critic.