This is the year

This is the year.

This is the year we take our photography to the next level. This is the year we shoot deliberately and work strategically -- whether we improve our images or propel our businesses. Whatever your goals, this is the year we break the cycle of resolutions and resolve to achieve mastery. Next year this time, we will look back at the body of work we have created and marvel. 

But for now, let’s vow to get there -- together.

Here’s what I have planned to help you succeed:

Photo Projects 2013 - Last year we talked about using photo projects as a tool to motivate you to shoot more frequently. I created a community on Google + where we can share the best from our photo projects, encourage and inspire each other to keep working. When you join, you will see categories for your photo projects, your Project 365, 100 Strangers, and our photo challenges.

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Photo Challenges -  Our composition challenges were so much fun last year, we are bringing them back -- for the entire year. Twice a month, we’ll choose themes or photo techniques and work them together. Post them on the blog or in the Google + community. I love seeing how everyone interprets each challenge.

Mentoring Clubs - Early this year, we will launch a mentoring club where we work on improving our photography with monthly webinar lessons, photo assignments, and feedback sessions. This is a great way to improve your photography with deliberate practice.

I’d love to hear from you. Tell me what goals you have for 2013. What amazing things will you achieve?

This is the year.