Two questions I will ask you next winter

Later this year when it starts getting cold again, I’m going to ask you two questions. I’m telling you now, so you can prepare your answers.

You might have spent the cold winter months wishing you had better weather to take pictures. You probably consoled yourself by looking forward to spring. Who wants to go out and create when it’s freezing, right? Even I thought the same thing a time or two. 

Now that spring is almost here, with its warm weather and beautiful scenery, lets plan to use our time productively.


Here’s the first question I’ll ask. What did you learn?

When fall arrives to usher in the cold weather, will you look back on our warm months with satisfaction? What will you have learned? How will you have improved? The opportunity to shoot more also offers the opportunity to learn more.

I’ll do my part with a learning path you can complete during the warm months, but you can learn anywhere, anytime. Use books, podcasts, blogs, workshops or Meetups. There’s no shortage of learning opportunities. Plan to use them, and decide today what you will accomplish. When you decide, shoot me an email me know.


Here’s the second question. What did you create?

This is another way to enjoy a sense of accomplishment. Deliberate learning is fine, but think how wonderful you will feel when you look back at something you have created.

It might be a photo project, a coffee table book, or a new blog. You might use your talents to help your favorite cause. It really doesn’t matter what you choose. Creating something is useful because it will help motivate you to keep shooting. It will give you the opportunity to improve. Creating something significant will fill a larger need that we photographers have. Think about it.


We will start that conversation with just two questions.

Choose something to learn during the warm months. Pick something to create. I’m going to ask you about it when it starts getting cold, and I’ll share how I answered the questions.

Have fun!