Webinar recording - Developing photo style

What is photo style? Do you have it? How do you develop it? Do you even need it?

These are just a few of the questions we answered during our discussion on developing your own personal photo style.

During our presentation we looked at the photo style of eight established photographers:

Steve McCurry - Galleries

Yousuf Karsh - Portraits

Jay Maisel - Portfolio

Trey Ratcliff - Galleries

Greg Schmigel - Just What I see | We're All Strangers

Tom Sperduto - Photo Projects | Feb 2012 Webinar

Scott Bourne - Website


I also referenced:

Don Komarechka snowflake photography - Sky Crystals

Humans of New York - Brandon Stanton - Website | Nov 2011 Webinar

Charles Butler - Union 206 Studio - Photography Website | Union 206 Studios

Angela Pan - Travel Blog | April 2012 Webinar

HDRsoft Photomatix Pro - Website