What to expect during the Composition Challenge

The big idea - Take one composition concept a week and work it together as a community.I was sitting through a Photoshop World class when this idea came to me. David Ziser is showing photos during his presentation "Learning to see differently," but he is really talking about composition principles.

As he talks, I'm getting inspired to go shoot some of these techniques, but they are just too many to run off and photograph without any real direction. Then it hits me. Let's just do one a week. It's fun, reasonably paced, and the deliberate practice should give us motive and opportunity to shoot more pictures.
Here's what you should expect
On Mondays I plan to post the lesson and challenge of the week. I'm basically going to introduce the concept and provide some guidelines. The challenge will be broad because I'm interested in seeing how we all interpret the ideas. I know there are a lot of creative people in our community, and it should be fun to see the many ways we see the same concept.
How will we find your pics? I know we all have our own blogs or locations we show our work, so I wasn't interested in creating yet another service for you to use. Load your photos wherever you normally showcase them. No need to create more work to your flow.
When you do have your photos loaded, just share the link in the comments of this blog or use your Twitter or Flickr to tag #composition21. That will help us find and track your images. It can also help us motivate more people to join in the fun.
What if you can't keep up with the weekly schedule?
Look, this is supposed to be fun, not a burden. If life gets in the way, you work the list at your own pace. Finish when you can. Catch up if you like. We'll be here. I think you will find true value in sticking with it all the way through, however.
What else is there?
I'm thinking of other ways to support this project if the momentum continues. One thought is that we might use a Google + Hangout to talk about the project of the week. If you are a Google + user and that appeals to you, just let me know. Worst case, I will just organize a teleconference. We'll see how it goes.
In the mean time, feel free to invite any other photographers who you think would enjoy playing along.
That's it for now. Thanks for the questions and encouragement. 
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