Improve your photography with my free 5-day Composition Challenge

There’s one thing your camera cannot do for you. No camera can.

If you buy a great camera, you can program settings to read the light and get proper exposure. You can tell it that you are shooting sports, and your camera will make the proper adjustments. You can even tell your camera that you are shooting in fluorescent lighting, and it will correct the color temperature. But here’s what it cannot and will not do — create good composition.

There’s no way to cheat for composition. There’s no automatic setting that will arrange the elements of your photograph to make them impactful. Either you take the time to get it right, or it won’t happen.

Over the next five days, let’s take a fun approach to improving one of the fundamentals of photography, composition. The 5-Day Composition Challenge will provide free tutorials and a challenge for you to practice that principle. 


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