Conference Call Instructions


Joining the conference call

To join the conference call, simply dial 712-432-3066. When you hear the prompt, enter conference line number 488265.This should add you to the conference line. 

The line will be open at 6:45 pm. Please try to arrive early, so we can begin promptly.

You will be asked to share your name with everyone before you join the conference. We all like knowing who we are talking with. I will disable this feature once we start at 7 pm, so you don’t disturb the call.

Everyone is muted by default. This creates a better listening experience for all.


Asking Questions

Our conference call has an interactive feature that will allow you to speak on the line to your host directly and/or share your thoughts with the entire audience. 

This is a great way to create more value for yourself and everyone who attends.

To join the conversation, select 5* from the telephone to RAISE YOUR HAND. You will be alerted by the system when I have unmuted you, and you can ask your question.


Using the Facebook chat

I'll be sharing info and responding to questions posted in our Facebook group. Join the Shutterbug Excursions Facebook Group BEFORE the conference call begins. I will have a status update for our conference call pinned to the top of the group. Leave your questions in the comments section. I'll monitor and respond as we go along. Remember, join BEFORE the conference call begins.


Listening to the recording

I will be recording the conference call and posting it tomorrow as a podcast episode. If you miss the conference call, you can find the recording at Search for the tag “Live”.

You can make sure you never miss any of the recordings by subscribing on the Shutterbug Life site, iTunes, or Stitcher. Don’t forget to leave a review on iTunes.

That’s it. Talk to you on the conference Call!