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How to create a platform that gets your photography noticed


Lisa (and yes, that's her real name) exposed my shortcomings.

At a recent Meetup, she proceeded to pepper me with questions. It seems in my podcast on why you need a photo blog, I had inspired her to create one. I also left her hanging.

"I started creating my blog, but now I have so many questions about how to set it up," she explained.


Mark did the same thing. (Yep, that's his real name, too.)

We were catching up on his latest project when I noticed a lot of the questions were going down the same path.

"What do I do next?!"


I hear you both — as well as the other anecdotes I hear or read in our Facebook group.


A free masterclass to answer all your questions and more

I am hosting a free webinar masterclass on creating a platform that gets your photography noticed.

In this over photographed world, taking pretty pictures isn't enough. Great pictures are everywhere.

In fact, in some ways, great photos aren't even necessary to stand out. Have you ever noticed someone who takes average photos yet attracts a massive following?

If you want people to notice your photography — whether to sell prints, build a business or just increase your following — you need to build a platform.

In my podcasts, I have been talking about platforms and suggesting that you should create one. In this Masterclass, I will walk you through the specific steps. I will even demonstrate some of the difficult principles, so you can see exactly what I mean.


By the end of the webinar, you should know

  • How to evaluate your photography to determine if you are ready
  • How to select the best niche for you
  • How to choose a name for your photography
  • How to create an online presence
  • How to build your photography blog
  • What you should photograph and write about to make it interesting
  • How to network in a way that is authentic and brings results
  • How to structure a weekly plan to get this accomplished in just two hours per week
  • How to find the support to reach your photography goal


You'll be able to ask questions and interact too if you watch live. If you can't make the live training, you'll be able to watch the replay, but you must register for the webinar to get access. The link will be automatically sent out to those who register.

I will also be talking about my new Mentoring Club and giving you access to a special limited time deal that will only be available to those who attend the webinar or watch the replay.

Here's the link to register and reserve your seat below.