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We all face that moment of truth at some point -- when we struggle between what we want to say and what we are expected to say.

I recently had one of those moments -- a client asked me which brand of DSLR she should purchase. I gave my usual advice about sticking to Nikon or Canon. Another gentleman asked what I thought about Sony DSLRs. He was holding one at the time. I paused and gave a stock answer about Sony making DSLRs that get pretty good ratings. Its Alpha A55 SLR was named "camera of the year," by Popular Photography magazine when it was released.

I didn't want to hurt his feelings, but here's what I wanted to say. Don't buy any more Sony DSLRs! And if you have one, for God sakes sell it while you still can.

I'm not totally against Sony. They are actually a great choice for mirrorless and compact cameras, but DSLRS? I'd pass. Here's why.

Anyway, that thought inspired me to create this buying guide.


About the Buying Guide


Your Completely Biased Camera buying guide answers all the questions you have been asking me. It is the truth as I see it, not the fake impartial dribble you find in most store-based buying guides.



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