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Street Photography - Workshop in the Squares


New York City is the backdrop for iconic street photography because so many interesting stories unfold on just about every corner. Just stand still for a few minutes and photo ops will literally unfold right before your eyes. 

The city really comes alive in the squares. We will literally hop through a series of squares — from Times Square to Union Square to Washington Square. As we move through the squares, you will see and photograph very different personalities of the city.

Between each stop, we will travel underground on the subway, with its own set of unmistakable photo ops.

Come prepared for a "working lunch" where we discuss our experiences in our own workshop picnic.



  • How do you choose a good scene on a busy downtown street?
  • How do you get great shots in stealth mode?
  • What techniques can you use to break the ice and get portraits of strangers?
  • What are the steps for good storytelling of street scenes?
  • What composition techniques can you use for more impactful street pictures?
  • What are the legal and ethical considerations when photographing strangers?


  • Maximum instructor to student ration of 1:10
  • A full day of instruction, practice, and feedback
  • Individual coaching as you work on your techniques
  • Share your photos on our Facebook and Flickr groups


$99 for each photographer

* Attendees are responsible for their own lunch and train tickets between stops.