Flickr photo by Greg Westfall.

Flickr photo by Greg Westfall.

What are your photography pet peeves?

I couldn't believe I saw him again.

I was walking down the street when I noticed a random stranger I'd photographed a couple years before. 'What are the odds', I thought?

As I approached my stranger, I pulled up his photo on my iPhone. 

"Hi, do you recognize this guy?" I said as I showed him the photo of himself.

"Hey! I remember you! Wow the photo turned out great. You must have a good camera!"


And there it is... what has to be the number one pet peeve of photographers.'I like your pictures. You must have a nice camera.' 

I do have a nice camera, but that ain't what took the photo, I wanted to snap at him — but I didn't. I smiled politely and walked away.


What's your photography pet peeve?

I'm wondering what other issues annoy us shooters. Do people say silly things? Professionals, do people expect you to shoot for free? Get in your way while you shoot a pro gig?

Take a moment and let me know what's your peeve? I'll share the answers on an upcoming episode of the Shutterbug Life podcast. Subscribe here or on iTunes to hear the results.


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