Preparing for our street photography workshop

We are scheduled to take the Street Photography - Storytelling in the Squares workshop Saturday at 10 AM. In this outing we will focus on storytelling and the art of street photography.


What you need to know to be prepared:

  • We will meet at the entrance to the Columbus Circle park. When you enter the park, we will be over on the right. I will be wearing a Meetup T-shirt.
  • Bring a short to medium zoom lens if you have it. The goal will be to use a camera and lens that doesn't draw attention to you.
  • You don't want to run out of space for your photos. Be sure to clear your memory card or bring an extra one.  Also, be sure to charge your camera battery fully and bring backups.
  • Bring lunch money. We will stop for a working lunch along the way.
  • We will be traveling between locations by train, so you will need to purchase enough fares for three rides. You can calculate your MetroCard fares here.

Getting in the right frame of mind.

Here's a simple drill you can do on your way there. Smile and give a big hello to at least 10 strangers. I'm sure you are already friendly. This helps get your outgoing energy going. It should be fun.


Attend paper free

You don't need to bring your paper ticket. I will be able to check you in without it.

If you have any trouble getting there, you can reach me at 202.688.1374 or email

I’m looking forward to shooting with you!

Lynford Morton

I will be waiting for you in front of this column.

I will be waiting for you in front of this column.