In the Shutterbug Life, every day is an opportunity to be a better photographer.


Is this photography community for you?

If you are like many of the photographers I meet, you want to make an impact with your photography. You might want to sell fine art prints; travel and photograph exotic locations; host your own gallery show; or even produce a book.

But something keeps getting in the way. There just seems to be too much to learn and too little time.  

  • You need to learn your camera much better;

  • You need to learn to take great photos consistently; or

  • You need to find a way to stand out from the millions of other photographers out there.

Plus, you need to juggle all of this with a real day job and your family life. 

You usually get stuck on how to start or keep going. You are overwhelmed with YouTube videos and advice from "experts" that leave you more confused than when you started. You might even wonder if your skills are good enough to get noticed.

If you found yourself nodding during any of those situations, you are likely the type who will thrive here.I created this community for us share the journey together.


Who am I?

Here I am on a photo walk with some of our members. Our community started in 2008 as Meetup group of friendly photographers.

Here I am on a photo walk with some of our members. Our community started in 2008 as Meetup group of friendly photographers.

I am Lynford Morton, but you can call my Lyn.

As a photography and marketing coach, I teach, motivate and inspire photographers to create. 

I help the emerging and enthusiast photographer take great pictures and build remarkable brands. 

I started out thinking I was teaching photography, but as my own style evolved, I felt more like a coach than an instructor. 

Like a sports, business or life coach, my role is to help you tap into your own creative genius. I provide technical instruction, feedback, and maybe some inspiration along the way. I work from the experience gained during a lifetime of photography — more than 20 years as a freelance photographer, college and U.S. Army training as a photojournalist, and career as a public relations and marketing professional.


The shutterbug launch

This chapter began in 2008, when I started a Meetup group in the DC area. I was literally bored one weekend and hoping to meet other photographer kindred spirits.

I founded Shutterbug Excursions, so friendly photographers could shoot and share together at picturesque locations in the area. On our outings, I found myself answering so many questions from new photographers that it was almost like I was te workshops. I decided to make it official.

Since launching the business in 2010, I have coached thousands of photographers while leading more than 600 workshops. Throughout the life of my photo tour business, which includes workshops in Washington, DC, New Orleans, and New York City, I consistently earn a 98 percent approval rating from attendees.


My photography philosophy is is simple

  • Master the core photography principles

  • Make your important decisions in camera

  • Use your images to communicate a story and emotion

  • Build a platform where your photography can create an impact


Here's what you can expect


Start with some of my favorite podcast episodes and blog posts. I've organized them by topic, so you can dive in wherever it makes sense.

23 Lessons every new photographer should learn


Connect with me

I'm a real person. This is not an internet celebrity site.

If you email me, I will read it. You will hear back from me and not an assistant or, worse yet, a machine.

If you comment on any of my posts, I will read and respond.

If you have a question, Ask Lyn, and I might even respond in a podcast episode.