About your photo coach

As a photography and marketing coach, I teach, motivate and inspire photographers to create. 

I help the emerging and enthusiast photographer take great pictures. I help entrepreneurs and professional communicators use their photos in social media and marketing campaigns to build stronger brands. 



Why Coaching?

I started out thinking I was teaching photography, but as my own style evolved, I felt more like a coach than an instructor. 

Like a sports, business or life coach, my role is to help you tap into your own creative genius. I provide technical instruction, instant feedback, and maybe some inspiration along the way. I don't bring a whistle. I don't even carry a camera. I travel with the experience from a lifetime of photography and career as a public relations and marketing professional.

I came by it honestly

My Dad's first picture - a selfie in 1954.

My Dad's first picture - a selfie in 1954.

My Dad taught himself photography when he was 15 on the beautiful little island of St. Kitts. At one point, he was the only photographer in his village. Dad says he generated steady income riding his bicycle from house to house taking pictures. His career, however, is teaching. He has been teaching longer than I have been living. It makes sense I’d end up with a combination of the two disciplines.

In college, I chose a double major of photojournalism and public relations. During a 20-year career, I led public relations campaigns to support multi-billion dollar business development pursuits and federal government cabinet-level events. Nestled in that time was an eight-year stint as a photojournalist in the Army Reserves.


My life’s work

I founded PhotoTour DC, Washington DC region’s photography workshops that includes a sightseeing experience. On our excursions, a professional photographer teaches you how to take great pictures during a photo tour of the area’s monuments and landmarks.